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IssueEditorialsActivities Guest contributorsVideos/Websites
January 2013Happiness in retirement: Who is happy and what are the key factors to keep in mind when you retire.U3A: Education for fun, with something for everyone.New South Wales U3A
February 2013Psychological health in retirement: The importance of finding a purpose in life when you retire.Friendship Force International: Promoting international understanding and goodwill where you are.Friendship Force Website
March 2013The Gender Gap: How to avoid getting on each others nerves.Men's Sheds: Fellowship for retired men.Northwich Men's Shed
April 2013Ageing Stereotypes: The danger of conforming to the expectations of others.Gliding: You are never too old to fly!Humour: Finding ageing funny.Ulster Gliding Club
May 2013The Social PortfolioDancingRunning marathonsSequence Dancing
June 2013Inactivity SyndromeWalkingAn active lifestyleHealth benefits of walking
July 2013SarcopeniaResistance TrainingThe joys of training86 year old gymnast
August 2013Health and FoodAllotment GardeningA recipe for eating healthilyArds Allotments
September 2013Keeping mentally fitCyclingThe World Police and Fire GamesLife Cycle UK
October 2013StressThe Relaxation ResponseSeamus Heaney AppreciationHerbert Benson
November 2013VolunteeringClown Doctors; Hospital Radio; Hospital GuideRunning Volunteer EventsClown Doctors; Hopital Radio; Hospital Guide
December 2013Building Supportive CommunitiesBeacon Hill Village; Friends in RetirementChristmas Cake RecipeBeacon Hill Village
January 2014Working Part-TimeProfessional Role PlayUK City of Culture 2013Simulated Patient
February 2014Transferable SkillsExecutive Action/Mentoring/English TutorTravel-Liguria Teaching English to immigrants
March 2014Public AppointmentsMagistrate/School GovernorA SongbirdMagistrate/School Governor
April 2014Pensioner's RightsPensioner's Parliament/Citizen's Advice BureauThe Cultural Legacy of the VikingsNorthern Ireland Pensioner's Parliament
May 2014Social EntrepreneurshipInterview with a social entrepreneurThe London MarathonInterview with a social entrepreneur
June 2014Life ReviewStructured life reviewThe Giro d'
July 2014Writing for the webWriting for Exploring RetirementHow vacations can increase retirement happiness
August 2014Planned HappenstanceMaking reproduction furnitureThe World Cup/Yorkshires Tour de France/Reinventing yourself in retirement
September 2014Theories of RetirementTravel FellowshipsThe Scottish Referendum/Retirement MythsCanoeing the Congo
October 2014Perspectives on RetirementRetirement AssociationsBeautiful Books/Slowing Aging
November 2014Stages of RetirementRetirement Wish ListGoing Dutch/Retirement JourneyWorld's Oldest Flash Mob!
December 2014Serious LeisureAmateur AstronomyClassical elite?/Leisure choices/Visiting Russia
January 2015Learning in retirementU3A in Northern IrelandA Walk in the Park/Adult Learning
February 2015Positive emotions in retirementSilver Comedy/Retirement My Way - Anita LancetRomance is in the air/Practicing gratitudeSilver Comedy
March 2015Engagement in retirementSharing Zones/Retirement My Way - Jim MulliganLast day at work/Achieving "flow" in retirement
April 2015Relationships in retirementHelping vulnerable children/Retirement My Way - Eileen McKeownThe Celtic Fringe/Positive relationships in retirementNSPCC Schools Service
May 2015Meaning and purpose in retirementRaleigh International/Retirement My Way - Beverly BryansThe UK Elections/AchievementsRaleigh International - Borneo
June 2015Achievement in retirementNon-Executive Directorships/Retirement My Way - Nanette McCoyVisit to Moscow/Older Achievers
July 2015Character StrengthsCitizen Jury's/Retirement My Way - Astrid Andersson WretmarkMichael on the BBC/Happiness
August 2015Happiness in RetirementThe Big Lunch/Retirement My Way - Anne MaguireMichael's Gran Fondo/Summer Days/Tall ShipsThe Big Lunch
September 2015Self-determination in RetirementOpen AgeMusic to heal and inspire/What's Next?/Recreational Walking
October 2015Self-efficacy In RetirementDiscovering What's NextAusterity/Getting Started
November 2015Time Management In RetirementTrading Times60th Birthday/ Purposeful Living
December 2015Activity Scheduling in RetirementRotary InternationalChristmas Carols/ Multi-cultural Christmas/Letter to the Bank
January 2016Retirement - Regrets and ResolutionsStreetbank/Retirement:My Way - Cecil HolmesRussia revealed/Year-end assessmentThe Story of Streetbank
February 2016Retirement - Healthy Life ExpectancyPark RunsRussia Insights/Foot HealthPark Run - Norman Phillips
March 2016Retirement - Avoiding a sedentary lifestyleOlder Peoples PlaygroundsThe English Language/Social media and well-beingManchester's Playground
April 2016Exercise versus household choresGreen Gyms/Retirement:My Way - David GoyderUnfinished Work/Home and well-beingThe Green Gym
May 2016Exercise and memoryCycling Without AgeReturn to Italy/Elder WisdomOle Kassow - Cycling Without Age
June 2016Exercise: Can you overdo it?The Good GymParaprosdokians/Downsizing stressGood Gym
July 2016How do we know what foods are good for us?Cafe ScientifiqueVisit to the Algarve/The seasons of lifeCafe Scientifique
August 2016Eating Healthily in RetirementCasserole ClubBrexit/Coping in a topsy-turvy worldCasserole Club
September 2016Vitamins, Antioxidants and HealthNana Comfort Food CaféEnglish in Europe/Internal Guidance SystemsNana Comfort Food Café
October 2016A Healthy Brain in RetirementLearning in RetirementA Day in the Life/A Sense of Purpose
November 2016Stress in RetirementFriends in RetirementHomage to Barcelona/Retirement Performance Appraisal
December 2016The importance of Sleep in RetirementThe After Work ClubBest books 2016/Sleep Hygiene
January 2017Creativity and AgeingAge of CreativityPhilosophy for Beginners/Ageing "Ungracefully"
February 2017Creativity and Social connection in retirementRadio ClubDown Memory Lane/Tell the Story of your Life
March 2017Music and Well-being in RetirementHomemade Blues WorkshopGlobal populism/Accept and embrace aging/Living to be 100Homemade blues video
April 2017Life Review in Video FormatRetirement at the MoviesMusic and Language/Let Imagination Spark CreativityMagic Lantern Film Club
May 2017How crafts contribute to well-beingModel RailwaysMusic and Language/Let Imagination Spark CreativityModel Railway Exhibition
June 2017Creative Activities and Well-beingPerforming ArtsIrish for Everyone/Questions About Aging and LifeActing Up!
July 2017How Museums Can Impact on Retirement Well-beingOpportunities in MuseumsGran Fondo 2017/Canada 150Museum Docent
August 2017Libraries of the FutureOpportunities for Creative Retirement in LibrariesHolidays with Family/Learning from a grandchild/The Ould Lammas FairMuseum Volunteer
September 2017Creativity in Retirement: WritingForming Your Own Writing GroupBrexit revisited/Loneliness in a connected ageAdvice on writing from Maeve Binchy
October 2017The Benefits of Creativity in RetirementRetirement Creativity and the InternetThe Edinburgh Festival/Dental HealthDance exhibition
November 2017Retirement ResearchResearch as a creative activity in retirementThe Mariinsky Orchestra/Disruptive ChangeThe Ransackers Association
December 2017Creating a new social networkConversation CafesThe Joys of MusicSurviving the Season
January 2018The impact of ageing stereotypesRoles in retirement: market researcherAutumn films, 2017/Accepting my ageing selfField interviewer
February 2018Life experience and adjustment to retirementWorking on after retirementBest Reads, 2017/Self-improvement/Planning for retirementRetired for Hire
March 2018Work, Retirement and IdentityThe Age Employment NetworkThe case for Irish/Food habits in retirement50+ Lives
April 2018High Investment ActivityHarvard Advanced Leadership Initiative/Stanford Distinguished Careers InstituteTickets for the rugby/Life planning for the third ageHarvard/Stanford
May 2018New Directions in GenerativityMentoring in retirementHomographs and heteronyms/Loneliness and eldersVolunteer mentor
June 2018/a>Time AffluenceTime TradingWalking/The power of kindness/IdentityBoston Time trade Circle
July 2018Crafting Your RetirementVocational VacationsWestminster Bridge Revisited/Canada legalises cannabisVocational Vacations
August 2018"Workateering"Encore CareersSuccess Stories/Canadians and CottagingMarc Freedman
September 2018"Voluntourism"Projects AbroadBrexit, Brexit, Brexit/The "Vinyl Vibe"Peter Stowe
October 2018"Retiring Retirement"50+ ApprenticeshipsIreland's South-West/GerontechnologyProfessor Linda Grattan